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Born in his native New Zealand, Frederick Thomas grew up through the turbulent ’70s and ’80s, exploring life’s mysteries along the way. From a start as a mechanic to becoming an Artist, Art Director, Video Editor and Director/Producer, to developing companies internationally, interviewing global leaders and creating complex and diverse International Advertising campaigns, he has worked in over 26 countries, as well as living in 8. With over 35 years of advertising and marketing experience, there must be a few stories to tell along the way.

With all this knowledge, he is bringing out segments in “Handbooks to Life”. A series of volumes that will challenge your perceptions, your faiths, and your understanding of the world. Globalization has changed the mindset of many, and Frederick Thomas has been on the cusp of that over the last 25 years, through the dotcom generation, Google mindset, and social explosion. This he continues to explore; the life of a digital nomad.

With such a creative mindset, he has written and directed hundreds of campaigns, short films and TV commercials, worked on over 46 documentaries, had a number of international Art Exhibitions, and produced and directed in many foreign cultures and across religious boundaries. From famous musicians and models, to Global leaders and religious icons, from politicians to sporting heroes, he has dealt with many a household name, and you would have seen his work on screen at picture theatres and your home TVs at some point in your life.

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